Deborah Gooch Fine Art


I am a painter with a strong sense of narrative whether I am working in a representational manner or in an abstract mode.

When I work with recognizable subject matter, I start out with an abstract under-painting. When I create an abstract, my compositions are often layered over a figural work or landscape.

It’s liberating for me to begin with an initial paint layer that I must fight against to achieve my final goal. It frees me to follow my intuition and keeps me open to the contributions of fate. Process is important to me; as a rule I am not one to sketch out ideas and then fill them in. Constructing a painting is storytelling; the theme of the painting develops as I work.

Working variously in oil, acrylic, oil stick, oil pastel, graphite and charcoal on canvas, I integrate purposeful mark making –including drawn lines and calligraphic marks- with the splashes and drips that are a by product of fluid paint and an energetic working style.

I tend to put a lot of color down first, even if my intention is to end up in monochrome. No matter what form the finished painting takes, here and there the earliest stratum of paint invariably peeps through the subsequent layers. In this way, the painting is a chronicle of events as well as a finished product.

As an artist, I am drawn to problem-solving, both formal and conceptual. Each act of painting presents me with a new challenge, a new outcome, a new story.  (Photo Credit: Ed Drondoski, Indian River Magazine)